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"ZealousWeb is a Web & Digital Marketing Agency with the mission of Solving the Unsolved by providing cognitive business solutions to expedite digital transformation. We've come a long way, 19+ years since we began, and we are proud to be a significant contributor to the industry. We're a company of 150+ Zealousian, each a creator in their own way. We function across three crucial verticles of the digital ecosystem; - Digital Solutions - Cognitive Solutions - Business Solutions A powerhouse of ceaseless zeal, our team works with the sole aim of presenting our clients with the most optimum solution while channeling what our logo represents. From website creation to maintenance, web app development to quality assurance & digital marketing & branding, we are equipped with the latest technologies to forge change in the digital ecosystem. Our culture aims to foster learning and promote holistic growth for the company and its stakeholders. As you walk in through the doors of the ZealousWeb office, you'll find a bird representing us and our way of working. Our logo, the Sparrow, characterized as resourceful, opportunistic, social, highly adaptable, creative, consistent, and possessing an indomitable spirit, depicts our working style. We work with 16+ Industries and the primary industries we work with are: - Healthcare & Lifesciences - Banking & Financial Services - Travel & Hospitality - Retail & Consumer - eCommerce "