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Somnio Software

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Somnio Software is the first & only 100% Flutter-focused Software Development Company in LATAM. 

We have been Flutter early adopters since 2019. Thus, Somnio & Flutter were born almost simultaneously and have grown hand in hand.

Creating a team of Flutter experts was our main goal so that we could design, build and scale apps in record time with native performance.

Benefit from our experience using Flutter since the beginning & join the Flutter Transformation!

We take care of:

► Mobile Development - We create innovative Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices with a technology called Flutter that allows us to build the app in both operating systems from the same source code.

 Web Development - ​​We develop cutting-edge Web Applications with Flutter. This technology allows us to reuse the same codebase from the app and easily build Web & Desktop.

 UX/UI Design - We are passionate about creating user interfaces with an excellent look and feel, achieving a fluent, intuitive, and memorable experience.

Whether you want to create a product from scratch or you need an addition to your in-house team, we are your trusted partner.

Let’s create successful Flutter apps together!