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QSD is an acronym for Quality Software Development. We intentionally put Quality in the company name to emphasize the importance of quality in our process. We are the only company in our region that has been focused on native mobile applications only. Our programming roots go back to 1999, but we are present on the territory of BIH since 2011 with the remote development team of 33 developers. Our Mostar office has been established in 2015 trying to boost projects for our supporting partners based in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, and New York. Applications that we maintain have 100k to 10M users. Our premium partners are companies such as Panasonic, Craftsman, and Victorinox. However, the majority of our clients are mid-tier companies or startups. Developers in QSD have a chance to work on the latest technologies such as Wear and iWatch apps. Our seniors have spent years in the field of mobile development and with their help, our juniors raise up to mid-levels at an incredible pace. It is said that 6 months spent in QSD are worth 2 years spent in another company.