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We are a tech team who help develop large projects with hundreds of thousands of users, projects that are attracting millions of dollars in investments and with a turnover of up to a billion dollars Our clients are: - US, UK and European startups - Y combinator and 500 startups participants, as well as participants of other top accelerators where Uber, Airbnb and other billion dollar companies emerged from - Large tech companies - Small tech companies - Companies who want to increase their team by one or more developers - web and mobile app development companies We work with complex projects and use new technologies, such as React, React Native, Swift, Flutter, Node.js, Ruby, Python We have helped with block chain projects, machine learning and AI projects. We have helped companies with Uber-like services in various fields as well as many non-profit organizations We also have our own startups. We are always trying out something new. We always take care of our clients’ data and are prepared to sign an NDA.