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Intelvision – a quickly-growing innovative software company that offers full-cycle IT solutions and consulting services. Our mission is to provide our customers with a service that would not only result in an excellent product but also optimize their business processes and R&D costs. By always putting our customers and their needs first, we are proud to have developed long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with partners from all over the world. At IntelVision we are technology and client-centric TOP ENGINEERS with PROVEN WORK EXPERIENCE in Logistics, Healthcare, Accounting, Education, E-commerce, and Retail industries. We are TOP ENGINEERS або TOP Developers with PROVEN WORK EXPERIENCE. But that is not yet the top of the iceberg.

Our areas of expertise include:

- Dedicated team services (High-level professionals on duty)

- Web and Mobile development (Full package of .NET tech stack, IOS and Android) - DevOps services (Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Deployment, Release Management) - Application support and maintenance ( App performance monitoring)

- Quality assurance services ( Automated Testing, Load Testing & Auto-Scale with QA and QC) - UI\UX ( A human-centric approach to designing the visual and aesthetic experience of the product) For being a customer-driven team we aim to help: - INDUSTRY CUSTOMERS by providing access to a huge pool of talented people that can be available in weeks with direct management. 

STARTUPS with a negotiable budget. - any client to GET their PROJECT DELIVERED ON TIME AND WITH R&D COSTS. - NDA for each project. We are confident to work on any project regardless of its complexity.