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With a thoughtful approach to our clients’ goals, we help businesses and startups get their innovative software projects done on time. We focus on Mobile and Web Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Why us:

  • We are taking care of the project from the concept stage to the market launch and support.
  • We focus on a selection of technologies that we master. It results in better effectiveness of our work.
  • Based in Minsk, Belarus we have an office in Dubai, UAE.
  • Regular updates and openness are the basements of our processes.
  • We are always in touch. Comfortable communication process is a key to success.
  • We don’t work by fixed price. Instead, we are focused on addressing feedback and changes as promptly as possible.
  • On a corporate policy level, we build a culture of approaching projects with inspiration. We really care about our customers’ needs.


Contact Celadon in the Minsk, Belarus: Mogilevskaya 2/2, office 18
Or Visit our office in Dubai, UAE: Business Bay, Iris Bay - office 924