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Brilworks Software

Company Description

Brilworks Software provides IT solutions to fulfill your business needs. We are a young team of experts in different IT Domains having rich experience in developing applications from end to end and delivering on time.

Domain Expertise

• Productivity
• E-Commerce
• FinTech
• GPS Tracking and Location Based Services
• Fleet Management
• Ride Sharing
• Healthcare and Fitness
• Hospitality
• Social

Tools & Technology

• Backend Technologies
o Java, Spring Boot Microservices, Spring Boot Cloud, Spring Security
o Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI
o Node, Express.js, Sails.js
o AWS Integration (Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, Elastic Search, etc)
o Elastic Search
o Netflix Eureka, Netflix Ribbon, Docker
o RabbitMQ, Kafka, Spring Batch

• Frontend Technologies
o React Js | Next.js | GraphQL | RX-JS | Redux

• Mobile Technologies
o React Native | Flutter | iOS | Android


Get in touch at [email protected]