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Any Picker

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AnyPicker is a cutting-edge visual online data extraction tool. AnyPicker makes it simple for both expert and novice users to mass extract information from websites; for the majority of scraping activities, no code is required. You may now obtain data from the web more quickly and easily without needing to know how to code. Almost any website’s information can be automatically extracted, and you can then export the material as clear, organized data in your preferred format.

The internet is brimming with knowledge that everyone should be able to access with a few mouse clicks. We acknowledged the dilemma of producing, hosting, and maintaining custom web scrapers. We now anticipate a future where everybody may easily query the world’s organized information. Our objective is to strike the perfect mix between a beautiful, user-friendly design and a tool capable of extracting data from any website. AnyPicker gives you full command on how you consider, structure, and alter elements, eliminating the need to trawl through your browser’s web inspector. In addition, no technical experience is required to get started. Our ‘quick pick’ tool determines how a webpage is written and combines relevant info for you. Simply visit a webpage and click on the content you wish to extract!