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Alpacked LLC

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Founded and headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, ALPACKED LLC managed to create a dedicated DevOps company with strong expertise and narrow specialization in DevOps and cloud computing technologies. In 2019 we built a meaningful partnership with Amazon Web Services and Swarming Technology.

For today, 12 in-house employees and more than 50 employees in the USA and around the globe provide DevOps outsourcing services and cloud solutions for our clients.

We successfully completed over 100 projects spanning industries from healthcare and financial services, SaaS up to media, blockchains, e-commerce, and others.

We provide the following services:
- DevOps managed services & consulting
- Cloud solutions (cloud migration, cloud architecture design, cloud consulting)
- Serverless architecture design
- CI/CD implementation
- Container orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes)
- Infrastructure automation, IaC
- Log management, monitoring, alerting, reporting
- IT consulting