Winners of the 2020 Web Development Awards Announced

Winners of the 2020 Web Development Awards Announced

We at FindBestWebDevelopement are excited to announce the 2020 Winners of the prestigious Annual Web Development Awards. The Awards pushed the boundaries of innovative development around the world and recognized the cream of the crop in the web development community.

The winning companies were recognized for innovative solutions and making more possible for customers worldwide. They go above and beyond, delivering timely solutions that solve the complex challenges that businesses worldwide face. They embraced emerging technologies and demonstrated an innovative approach in developing cutting-edge platforms and digital products for their clients. They are also the companies to keep an eye on in 2021.

Additionally, in a community-focused competition, FindBestWebDevelopment 's visitors had the chance to determine the Best Web Development Companies of 2020 in the People’s Choice Award. Over 3,000 visitors took part in the nominations and voting rounds of the campaign and elected the winners. This award was a chance for the IT companies to receive recognition from industry peers and customers and stand out from the crowd.

Without further ado, scroll down to discover the first three winners for each category:

Best Web Development Companies
First place: Very
Second place: AirDesigns
Third Place: SmartSites

Best Mobile Application Development Companies
First place: Tack Mobile
Second place: Blue Label Labs
Third Place: Appinventiv

Best Custom Software Development Companies
First place: Orases
Second place: Itransition
Third Place: Praxent

Best E-Commerce Development Companies
First place: SmartSites
Second place: Absolute Web Services
Third Place: Mobikasa

Best WordPress Development Companies
First place: CemtrexLabs
Second place: SmartSites
Third Place: Osom Studio

Best Drupal Development Companies
First place: Frogmouth Digital
Second place: ImageX
Third Place: Oomph, Inc.

Best IoT Development Companies
First place: Very
Second place: Intuz
Third Place: Intellias

Best Artificial Intelligence Development Companies
First place: Miquido
Second place: Deeper Insights
Third Place: MobiDev

People's Choice Awards
First place: Promatics Technologies
Second place: Private Limited
Third Place: WEBii

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