4 Most Common Web Development Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided

4 Most Common Web Development Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided

There are so many web development mistakes that can be made with every single language and every single product you might be working on. However, some are much more common than others. This is exactly what we will focus on in the following paragraphs. Check these out and make sure that you do not make the following mistakes in your web development projects.


Incomplete Input Validation

On both the server and client side, user input validation is mandatory. A very common consequence associated with this mistake is the appearance of SQL Injection. This is popular among hackers that want to attack EDD banking websites and even personal users. SQL Injection is a way through which databases are accessed and malicious code is inserted in them. This leads to countless different unwanted outcomes.

Most of the front-end development frameworks offer an out-of-the-box set of validation rules. They are very easy to use. In addition, back-end development firms utilize simple annotations in order to make sure that the submitted data adheres to the expected rules. Validation implementing can be very time consuming. However, it needs to be part of all standard coding practices used.


Authentication That Lacks The Proper Authorization

It is very important to understand these two terms:

  • Authentication – The process of verifying that a person is a specific user, after offering security credentials, like fingerprint scan or password.
  • Authorization – A confirmation that a user has the access needed to a resource or is offered permission to do a specific action.

To put it as simple as possible, authentication means you know who someone is and authorization means you know what the entity is allowed to do.

In web development, you have to be sure that the requestor is verified, together with request content. Then, proper authorization has to be added to guarantee a user is only allowed to change specific data. These two have to go together or huge problems would appear. When a user is given the authorization to perform tasks that were not initially set, the result is usually a disaster.


Not Being Ready For Scaling

Development these days is higher than ever while instant global reach became a reality. Due to this, having the minimum viable product (MVP) on the market fast is a goal that is very common for most companies. Due to this time pressure constant, web development teams end up overlooking various issues. One of them is scaling.

MVP is great as a concept but serious problems appear when you push things far. It is not enough to select a web server and a database that are scaling, to then separate in application layers. You have to think about various details or you end up having to rewrite a huge part of the application at a later point in time.


Missing Or Wrong SEO

We have to admit the fact that most web developers out there do not really know SEO. This is why various problems appear. Unfortunately, most web developers think that they do know everything about search engine optimization. In reality, SEO mastery does require a lot of time spent doing research so you learn the rules that keep changing and the very best practices to be used.

Web developers have to constantly experiment. They also need to use accurate analysis and tracking tools. Also, when the developer does not know much SEO, it is vital that there is no such claim made. SEO is so much more than just tags, meta-data, keywords, sitemaps, image alt tags and similar. Duplicate content also has to be eliminated and the website needs to be easily crawlable.

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