Best Mobile Application Development of 2020

Find the top performing providers in the mobile application field for 2020 and be sure they will help you turn your ideas into successful mobile apps that will stay ahead of the competition with quick wins in customer engagement through clever UI modernization.

Score: 99.26

Tack Mobile

#1 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Tack Mobile designs and builds software for mobile devices, working alongside our clients. Our curated culture defies the misconception of software development as a commodity. Beyond manpower, our team provides unique abilities our clients leverage over the long term.

Score: 97.57

Blue Label Labs

#2 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Blue Label Labs is the App Development Agency That Helps Fortune 500's and Funded Startups Grow. We are strategists, designers, and engineers guided by analytics, supported by acumen, driven by measurable business results. We create digital products for enterprise & large brands like Microsoft, Google, Bloomberg, Time, P&G, Consumer Reports, Kung Fu Tea (and many more), and for funded startups that want to grow. Some results: - Bloomberg acquired 25k+ new app subscribers within just 4 weeks of the launch of the app we designed & developed - Thanks to our new app, iHeart Media was able to rank #2 for news app in the Apple Store, just one week from launch - Cirque Coffee exceeded their revenue goals by 40% since the launch of the new app we developed for them. What we can do for you: - App Development - Design Sprints - Design & User Testing - Innovation & Strategy - Development & Testing - Analytics Integration & Interpretation - Post-Launch Support

Score: 95.43


#3 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - We are an app development agency focused on challenging the boundaries of user-centred design by creating bespoke mobility solutions.

Score: 93.81


#4 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Sidebench is a diverse group of technologists, tinkers, and thought leaders. Together, we aim to co-invent the future by adding our unique expertise pulled from a diverse portfolio of industries. From creating innovative solutions for healthcare providers, to first-in-kind experiences for top consumer brands, to streamlining processes for government entities, our capabilities are vast and adaptable.

Score: 90.32

Hyperlink InfoSystem

#5 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Ahmedabad-based Hyperlink Infosystem is believed to be one of the popular providers of IT services. The professional company is closely structured in such a way to offer more acquirable results and solutions for use in a variety of businesses, encountering problems in information and technology sector. We have a good and proper coordinating partnership between the company's intramural internal environments and emerging external IT surrounding.

Score: 88.84

Cheesecake Labs

#6 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - At Cheesecake Labs, we design and develop mobile and web applications for startups and enterprises. Our services include Full-Stack Web & Mobile Development, UX/UI Design, and Strategy & Consulting.  The Lab houses an incredibly multidisciplinary team - and everyone here knows that different tastes put together is what gets creativity cookin’.

Score: 82.27


#7 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Delivering mobile innovation to businesses around the world since 2010, itCraft proudly provides comprehensive software production services: - More than 200 successful projects delivered, - Outstanding UX/UI design, - In-house, specialized Android, iOS, and web teams, - Full backend development, - world-class development - Agile approach, providing dedicated Agile Scrum teams for each project, - high employee retention rate, - PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification, - ISO/IEC 27001 certification, - Supporting both established businesses and startups. Working with top brands: InterCars, Deloitte Digital, DHL, LUX MED (Bupa Group), Top Secret, Makro C&C, Rossmann, Sodexo, Bank BPH, and many others. itCraft has delivered numerous native mobile applications and web solutions for a range of industries including: - Transport & Logistics, - Healthcare, - Social, - M-commerce, - Fintech, and much more.

Score: 78.06

Mercury Development

#8 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Mercury Development – a leading software development company in the U.S. Our teams create apps for iOS, OS X, Android and Windows platforms since 1999.

Score: 75.61


#9 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - We are a team of skilled product specialists: front-end and back-end developers, UI and UX designers, product managers, testers and marketers, who understand what makes people and mobile apps click.

Score: 57.36


#10 of Best Mobile Application Development of 2020 - Algoworks is an IT service provider recognized globally as a technology expert with offices in Sunnyvale, California and Noida, India. Spanning a tenure of 13 years, the customer retention rate stands at a whopping 99% for customers from US, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America, and the Middle-East.