Best Web Development Companies for March 2024

There are plethora of web development companies on the Internet claiming to provide best web development services.

Each month we compile research, reviews, and case studies of web development companies from around the world, and create a list of the top 10. Use this shortlist to find the software company that best meet your requirements

Monthly Score: 100.00

#1 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - Teacode was established in 2016 but is much more than a company. We’re a team of 40 highly motivated people: designers, business analysts, project managers, developers, quality assurance engineers, and marketers who focus on reaching our client's business goals and helping them grow. Our team works with startups and SMBs from around the world representing various industries: marketing, healthcare, fitness & wellness, real estate, travel, and many more.

Monthly Score: 97.79

Light IT Global

#2 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - Light IT provides innovative web and mobile software solutions for startups and enterprises. We offer more than just software development, we focus on clients’ needs, go deep into requirements to suggest improvements, plan our workflow to reduce the budget, and never miss deadlines. For over 14 years, we have delivered 500+ custom solutions for companies from Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and many others. Services we provide:

Monthly Score: 95.48


#3 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - We build web and native mobile apps for established businesses and emerging startups. Our company keeps to agile development best practices. We are ready to innovate in our approach in order to deliver scalable and quick-to-market digital solutions.   With cutting edge technology stack, we ensure unbreakable full-cycle development from inception to release. Our team can split complex projects into manageable tasks. You can easily track your project’s headway.

Monthly Score: 93.03


#4 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - Research. Collaborate. Build GeekyAnts is a design and development studio that specializes in building solutions for web and mobile that drive innovation and transform industries and lives. They hold expertise in state-of-the-art technologies like React, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Svelte and more.

Monthly Score: 91.06

Enlivy S.R.L.

#5 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - Full-service development company. We create websites that non-programmers can manage.

Monthly Score: 86.93

Tech Alchemy

#6 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - We are an award winning software design and development agency, trusted by a mix of large organisations, brands, as well as the most ambitious startups. Our products have been used by millions and received widespread critical acclaim. Established in 2016 off the back of our first major exit as founders, Tech Alchemy exists to provide technical expertise to businesses at all stages.

Monthly Score: 83.90


#7 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - Nolte launches and supports digital products—everything from websites and apps to services and business tools. We are a diverse, growth-focused, and committed group who use our passions as fuel for our careers. The Nolte Way is the best way to create for web and mobile.

Monthly Score: 79.34


#8 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - Geniusee team is technology addicted specialists who create web platforms and mobile applications with different levels of complexity, step by step, from requirements elicitation and design to the technical support in the future. However, we are not just developers. We are professionals with different Marketing, Finance, Legal and Tax backgrounds. Diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background is crucial to create an environment in which creative tensions exist and new ideas emerge. Therefore, we will help you to deliver your ambitious technology ideas to the market. 

Monthly Score: 76.17


#9 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - In Stubbs, we create robust web and mobile applications for startups and SMEs. With over 80 successful projects launched in just four years, we pride ourselves on delivering high-standard services that turn ideas into fast, profitable, competitive digital apps

Monthly Score: 54.48


#10 of Best Web Development of March 2024 - JSGuru builds digital products by providing product discovery, UI/UX design and software development services. We have worked with different types of companies, from startups and innovative tech companies to large corporations like T-Systems to craft innovative and groundbreaking software.