Best Web Development Companies for April 2021

There are plethora of web development companies on the Internet claiming to provide best web development services.

Each month we compile research, reviews, and case studies of web development companies from around the world, and create a list of the top 10. Use this shortlist to find the software company that best meet your requirements

Monthly Score: 99.80


#1 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - Very is an IoT technology firm led by expert problem-solvers to create efficient, scalable solutions that move commercial, industrial and consumer  IoT projects from pilot to production in record time. From smart products in homes and businesses to end-to-end smart ecosystems, Very solves complex problems with a strategic, collaborative, and user-centered process designed to ensure every element of the problem is understood before developing solutions. 

Monthly Score: 97.03

Gauss Development

#2 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - We are an award-winning full-service design and development agency with 75+ creative and engaged employees, successfully serving global markets. Continuous improvement and effective communication are crucial elements of our success. Our business is about understanding client’s unique needs and building long-term partnerships.

Monthly Score: 95.74

SmartSites Ecommerce Website Development

#3 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - Outsmart the competition with best-in-class website development & ecommerce marketing services. With over 200 5-star reviews online, SmartSites is America's #1 rated digital marketing agency. We've generated over $100 million in ecommerce sales for our customers. Get more traffic. Acquire more customers. Sell more stuff. SmartSites is a Shopify partner and Magento certified developer. Winner of dozens of website design awards and four-time Inc5000 fastest growing company. Let us grow your company. Call 201-870-6000 for a free consultation.

Monthly Score: 93.34

Binary Studio

#4 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - We engineer world-class software, used by millions of users and companies from FORTUNE 500 Key facts Only Top 0.5% tech talent are hired after completing our unique Academy development program 3+ years average project duration 100+ delivered projects on time Certified partners of Amazon, Microsoft, MongoDB Expertise

Monthly Score: 91.48

Simplex Software

#5 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - We are a boutique software development company from Argentina. We’ve been around for nearly 10 years now, providing software solutions and helping businesses reach excellence in software development, mostly in the United States. We’re considered a nearshore strategic partner in which our clients can rely on, solving simple to complex issues they find along their journey, by both adding IT talent to their in-house team as well as developing custom solutions for them. We embrace new challenges and are ready to partner with anyone that could benefit from our guidance.

Monthly Score: 86.27


#6 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - Our team of IT specialists, technicians and designers is always inspired and ready to do more – we are a family that is growing, developing and looking for new fascinating ways to do our job in the best way possible. We are always looking for specialists in different areas – Web- and mobile developers, Project managers, Product managers, Designers, UX-specialists and many more.

Monthly Score: 82.03


#7 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - At Highland, we research, design, and build digital products and experiences for customer-centric companies and mission-driven organizations. For over 20 years, our team of designers, developers, and strategists have helped organizations turn their biggest uncertainties into opportunities for growth.

Monthly Score: 80.30


#8 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - Frogslayer is a software product development and commercialization firm. They partner with leading mid-sized companies to create forward-leaping, industry-shattering software products and digital platforms that enable growth and generate outsized returns.

Monthly Score: 76.22

Q agency

#9 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - Q is #1 fastest growing software & design agency in Europe*, operating through offices in Croatia (HQ), Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, and USA.

Monthly Score: 63.90


#10 of Best Web Development of April 2021 - Powercode is an IT company from Ukraine. This country is famous for highly qualified specialists. We are not just programmers and managers. We are a team and we want to help your business become more profitable.