Best Web Development Companies for July 2019

There are plethora of web development companies on the Internet claiming to provide best web development services.

Each month we compile research, reviews, and case studies of web development companies from around the world, and create a list of the top 10. Use this shortlist to find the software company that best meet your requirements

Monthly Score: 99.25

New Line Technologies

#1 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - Web and Mobile applications development are our passion, and we have a tremendous and unique experience. We create beautiful and functional web and mobile solutions using our key technologies: .NET, Java, Node.js, React, Angular, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin and Dart/Flutter. So whether it is a small website, service or application – we will build it for you in no time!

Monthly Score: 97.96


#2 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - inVeritaSoft is a trusted, business-focused web and mobile software development vendor, located in Lviv, the main Eastern European center in software engineering. We always solve the most vigorous challenges by coming up with exclusive ideas in developing strategies, providing consultations, working with digital solutions, implementing high-end technology and operations.

Monthly Score: 95.47


#3 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - Our interdisciplinary experts have worked together for over 13 years. Across creative user experience, technology and marketing, we love to collaborate with our clients.

Monthly Score: 93.68


#4 of Best Web Development of July 2019 -

Monthly Score: 91.13

Vinta Software

#5 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - We are a skilled team of technology lovers with a strong expertise in Python, Django and React. Those are top-notch tools that are used by companies such as Google and Facebook. We have the necessary skills to bring your ideas to life.

Monthly Score: 88.10

Capital Numbers

#6 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - We use custom teams to help agencies and businesses scale their development, design, and digital marketing capabilities.

Monthly Score: 83.90


#7 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - AppUnite is a software development agency that specializes in creating highly-usable mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as web applications in Phoenix Framework and Vue.js. We use the latest and greatest technology in combination with an optimized agile approach. AppUnite has international experience in creating mobile applications.

Monthly Score: 79.78

#8 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - We know well and work on daily basis with a number of technologies and programming languages, such as PHP, Python, C++, MySQL i Java, constantly updating our knowledge with changes and innovations.

Monthly Score: 76.35


#9 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - We Build the right software to achieve your business goals.

Monthly Score: 58.48

SEO Brand

#10 of Best Web Development of July 2019 - Our award-winning team stands at the forefront of all emerging trends in digital marketing, strategy and web development.  Located in 3 different countries, SEO Brand is fluent in over 7 languages and drives business for client aquisition through all facets of digital marketing.  Call us today for a free consultation and let us show you how we are the Un-Agency.