Best Mobile Application Development Companies for December 2022

With so many new players entering the market and competition level touching the sky, it’s not easy for businesses to choose the ideal app development partner. For your convenience, we list some of the internationally acclaimed names from the mobile application development niche. The list has been curated on the basis of company’s past performance, reliability and quality of professional services provided. Review the best from the pool.

Monthly Score: 99.79

Blue Whale Apps

#1 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - Blue Whale designs and develops iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Our team of highly experienced professionals has worked with the world's leading technology, advertising and design companies.

Monthly Score: 97.40

Impiger Technologies

#2 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - Impiger Technologies is a world-class , enterprise software product engineering company specializing in Mobile Application Development, Cloud Applications, Microsoft Technology Solutions , Web Technology and Telecom Services .  We help enterprises improve business efficiency, productivity, and grow revenue . We offer a comprehensive set of, cost effective services from prototype to production and everything in-between.

Monthly Score: 95.56

Halcyon Mobile

#3 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - We bring to the table world-class product and UX design, as well as tech talent in iOS, Android and web development. As there’s no one-size-fits-all, we assemble a tailor-made, cross-functional team of experts to shape your idea into a solid, meaningful digital product. But wait, there’s more: we can also throw some in-house AI and our pink unicorn in the mix.

Monthly Score: 93.42

Digital Awesome

#4 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - In 2009 a small team of software developers began working together to create web and mobile applications. The result of that partnership is Digital Awesome. Today Digital Awesome is a dedicated team of some of the best developers, designers, project managers and business analysts in the United States.

Monthly Score: 90.99

Camber Creative

#5 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - Camber Creative is a fully-distributed interactive consultancy specializing in app design and development for iOS, Android, web, and IoT. Our expert team of digital nomads collaborates from all across the USA to design and build digital products that not only delight and enrich the lives of their users, but also produce meaningful business results for our client collaborators. Our clients span a number of industries and represent everything from bootstrapping entrepreneurs to small-to-medium businesses and multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Monthly Score: 87.66

Droids On Roids

#6 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - We strive to create products that your users will love. Every day, we are helping both startups and big market players to achieve their business goals by delivering top-notch mobile applications & designs for iOS and Android platforms. We also support our clients with back-end and web front-end solutions.

Monthly Score: 82.38

Mutual Mobile

#7 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - Mutual Mobile is an innovation consultancy that brings digital experiences to life through an integrated approach to design and technology.

Monthly Score: 80.31


#8 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - STDev is a full-stack web and mobile app design and development company founded about 10 years ago. Since that time we’ve established a reputation as a reliable company with a large portfolio of customers ranging from SMEs, Entrepreneurs to early-stage start-ups across the world. The company bases its'​ principles on a single solid ground which is the customer-oriented policy.

Monthly Score: 75.94


#9 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - DianApps is a mobile and software app development company that has won awards and is accredited. We provide creative, revolutionary, and strategic IT solutions that serve the best regardless of the most challenging business difficulties while providing a long-term edge over rivals.

Monthly Score: 41.96

Light IT Global

#10 of Best Mobile Application Development of December 2022 - Light IT provides innovative web and mobile software solutions for startups and enterprises. We offer more than just software development, we focus on clients’ needs, go deep into requirements to suggest improvements, plan our workflow to reduce the budget, and never miss deadlines. For over 14 years, we have delivered 500+ custom solutions for companies from Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and many others. Services we provide: