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Best Artificial Intelligence Development Companies for October 2022

With the huge increase in AI and machine learning adoption, there has been a growth in the number of companies that are integrating artificial intelligence in your business. As the world becomes increasingly digital, investing in an AI developer can help your business stand out from the rest. However, finding an appropriate artificial intelligence developer can be a daunting task.

We’ve created a comprehensive list of the leading artificial intelligence companies and developers:

Monthly Score: 99.13


#1 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - Tooploox started with just three passionate guys and grew to around 130 people in just over six years. So far we have worked with both Polish and international companies, ranging from small startups to big players in their respective markets. And we keep growing. We develop AI solutions, create apps for both Android and iOS, as well as engineer web back-ends and front-ends in various technologies.

Monthly Score: 97.80


#2 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - Our team specializes in transforming any business vision into a robust mobile application, scalable web service, custom software technology, revenue-driving e-commerce platform or AI-enhanced solution for the enterprise. With years of experience in the industry, a deep understanding of various markets and technical expertise our team brings out truly valuable products to our clients. At Diffco we not only develop mobile apps and AI solutions, but we also we offer a deeper dive into project planning from both a business and a software perspective.

Monthly Score: 79.32


#3 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - ELEKS is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.

Monthly Score: 82.45

ThirdEye Data

#4 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - ThirdEye Data is a Big Data Consulting services company that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers worldwide.  ThirdEye’s services help organizations transform knowledge into tactical insights for informed & timely business decisions.

Monthly Score: 90.53

DataRoot Labs

#5 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - DataRoot Labs is a full-service Data Science & Artificial Intelligence R&D company.  We’re good at building & assembling AI-Enabled solutions, delivering to our partners and clients the unique value leveraging Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLU, advanced scoring models, DWH platforms development & everything related to data lifecycle.

Monthly Score: 75.27

Maruti Techlabs

#6 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - Maruti Techlabs specializes in creating innovative solutions to address your business challenges and create unparalleled value. With over 11+ years of experience and a clientele from 30+ countries, we've been working with brands as a digital transformation and innovation partner.

Monthly Score: 93.37


#7 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - At Rootstrap, we help companies scale people, processes, and products through outcome-driven development. We’ve helped launch more than 750+ digital products with more than 100 million combined downloads. Our mission isn't to merely build pretty interfaces, it's to iteratively design software solutions. The outcome? Achieving your business goals & generating ROI.

Monthly Score: 80.41

Metal Toad

#8 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - Metal Toad is a Cloud Partner who delivers AWS Machine Learning & Media Solutions. Not just an AWS managed services provider with a machine learning specialty, Metal Toad provides high quality consulting, development, application support, and managed services at an affordable rate via their hybrid onshore + nearshore North American & Brazilian team.

Monthly Score: 76.26


#9 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - We are a team of engineers, developers, and designers helping businesses with artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, mobile and web development, cloud application development, and 3D modeling. With 15 years of operation, we have successfully delivered 17 comprehensive projects.

Monthly Score: 63.36

Neurons Lab

#10 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of October 2022 - Neurons Lab is a globally distributed AI R&D company that helps deep tech innovators to accelerate data-driven products development and launch. Our team has expertise in fundamental sciences, full-stack AI/ML engineering, and product design. Such a rare combination and access to scarce talent allows Neurons Lab to build disruptive solutions for clients in HealthTech and EnergyTech industries.