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Best Artificial Intelligence Development Companies for March 2021

With the huge increase in AI and machine learning adoption, there has been a growth in the number of companies that are integrating artificial intelligence in your business. As the world becomes increasingly digital, investing in an AI developer can help your business stand out from the rest. However, finding an appropriate artificial intelligence developer can be a daunting task.

We’ve created a comprehensive list of the leading artificial intelligence companies and developers:

Monthly Score: 99.55

Day One Technologies

#1 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - We are an innovative top AI and mobile app development company steering enterprises and startups in the digital transformation journeys. We are Day One – a Product first company in the AI first world. 

Monthly Score: 97.58


#2 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. With over 20 years of experience, teams of highly-trained engineers around the world, deep industry sector knowledge, and ongoing technology research, we help clients create custom software that improves their operations and opens new markets. Powered by our People First principle, we work with clients at any scale and on any platform, and adapt alongside them as they evolve. 

Monthly Score: 95.57


#3 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - AndPlus is a technology consulting and development firm that helps clients accelerate digital transformation by closing the gap between strategy and execution. Fusing deep technical and business expertise with a custom Agile development process, we help our clients rapidly implement digital transformation strategies that achieve optimal results with less risk.

Monthly Score: 93.23


#4 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - Our team specializes in transforming any business vision into a robust mobile application, scalable web service, custom software technology, revenue-driving e-commerce platform or AI-enhanced solution for the enterprise. With years of experience in the industry, a deep understanding of various markets and technical expertise our team brings out truly valuable products to our clients. At Diffco we not only develop mobile apps and AI solutions, but we also we offer a deeper dive into project planning from both a business and a software perspective.

Monthly Score: 90.36

Talentica Software

#5 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - Talentica is a software product development company. Our mission is to help our clients transform their ideas into successful products.

Monthly Score: 85.56


#6 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - PixelPlex is a company with rich history, talented experts, strong team spirit and high moral values. Each representative of our staff contributes to PixelPlex legacy and long history of supporting innovation and developing outstanding products.

Monthly Score: 83.43


#7 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - At Rootstack, we strive for excellence every step of the way. We provide high-quality technology and software outsourcing services and create outstanding digital experiences together with an expert team of creatives and engineers for companies in Latin America, the United States and Canada, from startups to larger corporations. We focus on delivering effective results for our global clients and ensure they become digital leaders.

Monthly Score: 78.65

Master of Code Global

#8 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - Master of Code partners with world's leading companies to design and develop conversational experiences across mobile, web and chatbots. Let us help you connect your brand with customers where they communicate today. Chat or voice. Founded in 2004, we’ve spent a decade building a team that prides itself in creating value for companies all around the world through delivering the highest quality products and customer service.

Monthly Score: 76.80

Zfort Group

#9 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - Zfort Group is a full-scale IT outsourcing service provider that delivers premium web development, mobile app development, consulting and blockchain, IoT, B2B solutions since 2000.

Monthly Score: 46.94


#10 of Best Artificial Intelligence Development of March 2021 - ISS Art is a custom software development company. We provide a unique solution according to the customer’s business objectives. We are open and honest, and consequently, our tools are absolutely clear for the customer’s representative at any stage of the project. We fundamentally observe laws and ethical business practices. As a result comes a high quality product developed using modern technologies and business processes.